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  • Input Power: 115 VAC (220 VAC 50 HZ optional)

  • Temperature Environment: 60 to 90 degrees F

  • Humidity Environment: Up to 95% non-condensing

Operating Specifications

Test Head:  A Vibrac Model 9405A test head is the mechanical testing portion of the BRG 3000 Bearing Inspector II System. This test head combines an Optical Torque Transducer, an Optical Encoder and a Variable Speed Synchronous Drive. This combination enables the system to rotate the bearing at a constant and precise speed while measuring both torque and position.

Torque Transducer:  A Vibrac Mini Series Static Torque Transducer is used in this test head. The principal of operation for these torque transducers is pictured below. 

Standard Torque Transducers:  The torque measuring capability of the test head can be changed by simply changing the transducer and then selecting it in the software window shown below.

Drawings are for illustrative purposes only.

Contact Vibrac for current specifications.

Torque Transducer Specifications:

Note: Consult factory for other

         torque values

Optical Encoder:

  • Line Count: 9000​

  • Accuracy: +/- .02 degrees

Drive Motor:

The system is supplied with a variable speed synchronous drive with a Speed Range of 0.5 to 10 RPM.

Positive Overload Protection:

Due to the relatively sensitive nature of the Bearing Inspector transducer, positive overload protection is provided.

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