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Software Features

The Bearing Inspector II Computer System is a customized product from a major commercial supplier and will meet the following minimum specifications:

  • Intel Pentium Duel Core Processor

  • Windows Software

  • 100 GB Hard Drive (minimum)

  • Flat Panel Monitor (17")

  • 101A Keyboard & Optical Mouse

Testing Made Easy

A user-friendly front panel, consistent with other Windows based programs, is provided for communicating with the National Instrument Labview based software.

  • 1 GB RAM (minimum)

  • 4 USB Ports

  • 1 Serial Port

  • 1 Data Acquisition Card

  • 1 Motion Control Card

Programming Features:

The system software offers drop down menus for rapid programming of tests and recalling of past test results. End-of-test reports can be custom designed to meet the user's needs. Data can also be easily exported to MS Excel, or output to both conventional printers and strip printers.

When a test is performed, the Bearing Inspector takes a torque reading every 0.01 degrees and records the position and torque in a data file that can be outputted at the conclusion of a test. This file can be exported to Excel or most other data processing programs.

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