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Calibration and Tooling

Tooling for Inch Series Bearings

Instrument series bearings are normally tested with a dead weight load that is provided by the weight of the outer race tooling.

Instrument bearings less than 0.375” (9.5mm) OD are tested with a 75 gram load.  Instrument bearings greater than 0.375” (9.5mm) OD are tested with a 400 gram load.

Bearings requiring a heavy load can be tested using the BRG Heavy Load Gage. This gage applies the

axial load with a dead weight system that is actuated with a  lever.  The weight is mounted under

the table and applies the load by pulling down on the inner (or outer) race tool.

When calculating the axial load, the weight of the tool must be taken into consideration.  The tooling can be designed to apply the load on either race, however, we prefer to support the outer race on large bearings.


Calibration Kit for Bearing Inspector II includes: Calibration Bracket, Calibration Beam, TEC Cable, One Calibration Weight for Each Torque Transducer Size

(Calibration Beam on Torque Transducer)

(Calibration Screen Shot)

(Calibration Screen Shot)

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