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Customized Solutions for Any Cap

With the vast variety of cap/container combinations and a growing list of requested and required tests, Vibrac has gone to great lengths to be able to customize its units for any cap testing situation. Whether we are taking advantage of our advanced floating chuck design or developing a star wheel feeding mechanism, every application is unique and we understand that one size does not fit all. Ultimately, results can be automatically transferred to an SPC software through the built-in serial port on every unit.

We have the capabilities of accommodating the most unique and unusual container and cap combinations including odd-shaped containers, pumps, non-serrated caps, child-resistant closures and several other non-typical applications. Vibrac is proud that we have been able to design tooling for every type of cap we have been presented with. This versatility is what sets Vibrac apart. Here are just some of the tests we can accommodate:

  • Closure Removal 

  • Strip Test

  • Bridge Torque

  • Closure Thread Fatigue

  • Re-apply Torque

  • 3 in 1 (Thread Break, TEB Break, Strip

  • Capability Testing

  • Closure Application

  • ROPP (Roll on Pilfer Proof)

  • Incremental Torque

  • Container Thread Fatigue

  • Release Torque

  • Tamper Evident Band Break​

  • Full Round Testing

We will evaluate your specific needs and provide you with a durable, easy-to-use solution that will provide you with consistent and accurate results. Challenge us with what challenges you in cap torque testing! Contact us to learn more.

Vibrac's Tooling Solutions Cover a Wide Range of Caps, Such As:


With both cold and hot fill customers, we have the machinery and the custom tooling to meet the needs of beverage bottlers large and small.


With the capabilities of accurately testing new designs such as ROPP caps and with wine and spirit specific accessories, we are the logical choice.


From bottled food drinks to kitchen table staples, we offer a torque analyzer to accommodate the furiously changing needs of the food bottling industry.


With packaging designs such as  pumps and non-serrated caps, the personal care industry creates a host   of customized applications which is  the foundation of our universal tooling.


Child-resistant caps and low volume capping can be tough pills to swallow for some manufacturers, not us!


Spray bottle and other unique bottle/cap combinations can make torque verification and analysis a challenging proposition for this industry but our universal tooling approach offers solutions for these unique situations.


With solutions for harsh industrial environments, we're the ideal choice for introducing a cap torque testing product into your production process.


Super-charge your torque tester by customizing tooling to meet the specifications of your bottling requirements.

CI-T System Tool Option
System Tooling Options

Cap Chuck Options:


When caps are torque tested, the cap is held in a device called the cap chuck.  Typically, it is an EDM-style chuck (electronic discharge machining) that is engineered to suit a articular cap that has serrations on the outside.  Serrated caps are frequently used in the beverage, pharmaceutical, household and personal product industries and are prone to slippage during torque tests, especially when used with hand testers or "universal” type chuck solutions.  Vibrac offers customized chucks for each cap type developed from samples provided by the customer, and has never failed to create a chuck solution for any cap type. These chucks come in various sizes ranging from just a few millimeters to over 63 millimeters in diameter.

EDM Chuck

Vibrac can 3D print almost any serrated cap.  These are a good short-term alternative to some limited testing, keeping your testing going while you are waiting for an EDM chuck, and prototyping a new cap. 

Printed Chuck

Vibrac chucks can attach to the D-shaft easily with a simple motion of pushing down on the handle to secure it, thus no tools are required.

Vibrac’s customized chucks provide significant advantages including but not limited to:

  • Ensuring the most accurate testing because the EDM chuck is designed to exactly fit the unique serration pattern of the closure, thereby eliminating slippage.

  • Allowing for consistent and repeatable testing because the chuck fits the cap the same way each time.

  • Reduces the prep time before the test because the user does not have to re-adjust the universal plugs.

  • Saves set up time for the user and thus increases productivity.

Vibrac has created a special EDM chuck with a 15-tooth design that will work with all serration counts that are divisible by 15.  For example, this chuck will work with beverage caps with a 28/60, 28/90, and 28/120 count, and has been used with 28/144s as well.

Sometimes, the caps do not have any serrations and are smooth-sided, such as many used in the cosmetic industry, ROPP (roll on pilfer proof), or lug-style caps. Vibrac has engineered solutions that provide secure, consistent and repeatable results with our Slide Chuck, Special Yoke Chuck, and our latest Spring Arm Chuck.

Model 2225 Special Yoke Chuck

Model 2226 Slide Chuck

These types of caps are torque tested with the Special Yoke Chuck because it is designed to grip the cap at the serrations

from above, allowing freedom from the dropper.

spring arm chuck.jpg

2229 Spring Arm Chuck

Bottle Clamps and Vises
Bottle Clamps and Vises


Model 2210 Bottle Neck Clamp

This new design secures bottles at the neck collar and eliminates the compression of bottles where typically a clamping force is applied to the sides or shoulder of the bottle.  This new method of securing the bottle provides improved gripping strength at the neck collar, its most rigid point. This is very important when testing bottles such as lightweight PET water bottles. Added benefits of this new clamp include improved alignment with the chuck, shortened bottle sample install and removal time while testing, and elimination of petaloid adapter plates, a significant benefit in this ever-changing world of packaging design.

2210 Clamp Assembly.bmp
2210 with water bottle edited.jpg
2210 Bottle Neck Clamp.jpg

Model 2224 EZ Clamp


The Model 2224 EZ Clamp is Vibrac’s very popular single action adjustable vise that is used with a wide variety of bottles and containers. It is an easy to use bottle holding fixture that combines the flexibility of a lead screw pin vise with the rapid loading and unloading of an over-center type clamp. 

This vise is capable of holding round bottles from 5/8"  (7mm) diameter to 6" (152.4mm) diameter, and square bottles with similar measurements.  Flat faced jaws can be supplied for rectangular shaped bottles. Custom jaws are available for varying shaped products and containers that have off-center caps.

Model 2224 EZ Clamp

Single Action Adjustable Vise, with Pins

1624 vise.bmp

Model 2224 Vise with special jaws instead of pins.

This Particular set secures the bottle base of a drinkable yogurt.

Model 2206 Beverage Bottle Clamp


The Model 2206 Beverage Bottle Clamp with the rubber disc on the base is commonly used for rigid bottles, glass bottles, square bottles, and a wide variety of others.

This adjustable clamp also takes a petaloid base plate which hold bottles with a petal-style bottom, such as seen on many soft drink and water bottles.  Each specially engineering petaloid plate centers the bottle and prevents rotation of the

bottle base, thus hereby not affecting the torque. 

Model 2206 Beverage

Bottle Clamp

Model 2206

Base Plate Petaloid

Offset Fixture for Dual Cap Testing


The top plate of this design is moveable and

re-centers the other cap for dual cap torque testing.

Offset Fixture

Dual Cap Testing

Drop On Tooling Plate

Drop On Fixture Plates are designed to accommodate bottles that either are too large for a standard bottle clamp or vise, are irregular in shape, or whose cap is off center.

Drop Ons 3.bmp
tube test.jpg

Cap torque testing on a tube

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