As the industry leader in the precision torque test equipment market, Vibrac® continues to develop advanced technological solutions to industrial torque testing problems. With over 50 years of experience, their innovative benchtop system measures torque characteristics in various applications, from fasteners to medical devices. The user-friendly programming allows customization for almost any testing requirement.


Torque Testing Made Easy!

The Torque Inspector is a user-friendly and affordable torque testing system with touch screen programming and automatic data logging. It offers features like field calibration, NIST traceable calibration, and a wide operating temperature range. By providing accurate information, it helps track performance, predict problems, and eliminate unnecessary expenses caused by defects. It enables non-destructive testing, eliminates physical injuries, and produces digital data for ISO 9000 compliance. On-site training and system demonstrations are available.


Torque Inspector Easily Selected Test Features

From a simple move test to a multi-cycle bi-directional test, with run-ins and naps, the Torque Inspector does it all.


Select a Profile From Memory

A library of tests can be easily created to make the operator’s job simple and efficient.


Calibrate On-Site

The Torque Inspector allows for on-site calibration with a Certificate of Calibration ensuring traceability to NIST standards. Repeatability and calibration can be verified on-site using a sample test or a Vibrac Calibration Kit with easy-to-follow instructions. Calibration can be performed without returning the system to the factory.


Built for the Factory Environment

This metal-housed unit with its abrasion-resistant finish can withstand the dust and liquid spills that occur during normal factory use. The display screen arm and housing are made using heavy gage aluminum to prevent damage from lifting, bumping and other common impact situations.

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