Vibrac’s patented optical torque transducer technology offers precise and accurate torque measurement. With over 20 years of industrial application, their torque sensors are known for their durability and reliability. Using encoder-type discs, the transducers convert angular displacement into current, providing non-contacting transducers with low inertia. The high output current ensures a noise-free signal in electrically noisy environments. Vibrac® offers Torque Transducers for both static and dynamic applications, spanning from 0.05 oz-in to 400 in-lbs.

Vibrac® also offers a full line of data display instrumentation for controlling and processing the output of the transducers.

All transducers used in conjunction with any of Vibrac’s instrument packages are calibrated for zero and span with a single adjustment.

Please note: All transducers require Vibrac® signal conditioning instrument or card.

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